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Schedule of visits

In pregnancy, your estimated due date represents 40 completed weeks of gestation.  The following outline of obstetric appointments represents an example of the typical number of visits pregnant patients can expect to schedule during a normal, low risk pregnancy:

First Trimester (Conception to 13 weeks 6 days) - Typically 2-3 appointments, 4 weeks apart

Week 4-5:  Positive Pregnancy Test at Home

Week 6-8:  Confirmation Visit - includes pelvic exam, review of medical problems, discussion about vitamins

Week 10-12:  First OB Work-Up visit with labs and pap smear; HIV testing is included in prenatal labs unless declined.  Discussion about early testing for Down's Syndrome and schedule this testing if desired. 


Second Trimester (14weeks to 27 weeks 6 days) - Typically 3-4 appointments, 4 weeks apart

Week 15-19:  Routine Visit, Fetal Heart Check, AFP/AFP-4 Labs, Schedule Ultrasound

Week 20-23:  Routine Visit, Schedule Anatomy Ultrasound to evaluate for structural abnormalities, birth defects, gender, obtain glucola drink for diabetes testing at next visit

Week 24-28:  Routine Visit, Diabetes Testing, Anemia Screening, Rhogam Injections if needed, Tdap Vaccines


Early Third Trimester (28 weeks to 36 weeks) - Typically 4 appointments, 2 weeks apart

Week 28-34:  Routine Visit, register for hospital, schedule hospital tours, pregnancy and breastfeeding classes.  Find pediatrician.


Late Third Trimester (36 weeks until the end of pregnancy) - Seen every week until delivery

Week 35-37:  Routine Visit, screening for Group B Strep, Vaginal Exam

Week 38:  Routine Visit

Week 39:  Routine Visit.  Cervix Check

Week 40:  Routine Visit.  Cervix Check

>40 Weeks:  Discussion about Induction of Labor, Non-stress Testing for baby, Cervix Check

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